Riko Method


Our private lessons and group classes are designed to serve children and adults of all ages and stages.

  • Tuition/Rates

    Monthly and a la carte rates available. All private lessons are 45 minutes.

  • Little Tunes Class

    • $50 / Single Lesson

    • $150 / Monthly

    Our group class for children ages 4-6 prepares students for private lessons and encourages music appreciation and the development of organizational and study skills.

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  • Private Lessons

    • $120 / Single Lesson

    • $320 / Monthly

    We offer weekly 45-minute private lessons at our studio in piano, guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, and voice. We welcome first-year to professional-level students. In-home piano lessons are also available, for a monthly price of $420.

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  • Mommy and Do-Re-Me

    • $100 / Single Lesson

    • $300 / Monthly

    Unique music lessons designed specifically as a bonding tool for new and expecting moms.

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